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Franken’s voting record: No limits on abortion

Since taking office in 2009, comedian-turned-U.S. Senator Al Franken has compiled a zero percent pro-life voting record, according to the National Right to Life Committee. He is running for a second term this fall.

Al Franken

Defender of Obamacare
Franken’s position on abortion was clear during his last campaign; his record in office has only confirmed it. In 2009 Franken vocally opposed and voted against an amendment to remove abortion subsidies from the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

This was a vote in favor of using federal tax dollars to pay for health plans that cover elective abortion.

In 2011 Franken denounced legislation in the House that would have stopped federal funding of abortion. And he continues to defend and advocate for Obamacare—even though it includes provisions that expand abortion access and will likely lead to the rationing of lifesaving medical care.

Franken: Abortion until birth
In 2011 Franken spoke out and voted against a measure to deny federal funding to Planned Parenthood, the nation’s leading performer and promoter of abortion. Planned Parenthood receives hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars each year—while performing hundreds of thousands of abortions.

In 2013 Franken voted against the Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act, a bill designed to curb the transport of minor girls across state lines, without parental involvement, to undergo abortions.

He also spoke at a July 2013 Planned Parenthood rally in opposition to the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which would protect unborn children at the point (20 weeks) when they can experience pain. Franken favors the status quo: legal abortion until birth.

“You have my promise to keep fighting. Thank you, Planned Parenthood,” he told the crowd. More...

How they voted in Congress

Election in November
Franken, whose campaign website boasts that he is “a fierce defender of a woman’s right to choose,” is up for reelection in November. His Republican opponents include businessman Mike McFadden (GOP endorsed), State Rep. Jim Abeler, small business owner and U.S. Marine sergeant (ret.) David Carlson, and Patrick Munro, a small business owner and retired master sergeant in the U.S. Army Reserve. All hold a pro-life position.

How they voted at the MN Legislature

Dayton pledges to veto all pro-life legislation

As governor of Minnesota, Mark Dayton has shown himself to be an absolutist regarding abortion. No moderation, no reasonable limits, no common-sense protections are permissible.

Gov. Dayton

Dayton’s only acceptable position is abortion on demand, funded by taxpayers whenever possible, with no regard for the unborn child or the mother’s safety.

Dismal Senate record
Prior to becoming governor, Dayton had a poor record in the U.S. Senate, where he voted against the ban on brutal partial-birth abortions—twice.

He voted against legislation to empower older Americans to avoid involuntary denial of life-saving treatment. He also voted in favor of taxpayer funding of abortion. Dayton earned a “Hero of the Month” rating from NARAL Pro-Choice America

Opposes informed consent
In a 2010 pro-abortion candidate questionnaire, Dayton said he was “appalled” at Minnesota’s Woman’s Right to Know law, promising to oppose further attempts to provide

women with factual, informed-consent information prior to undergoing an abortion procedure. He also expressed disdain for pregnancy care centers, accusing them of attempting to “scare” and “trick women” with biased information.
Dayton opposes parental notification prior to an abortion being performed on a minor. He is a Planned Parenthood donor, and his running mate is a former Planned Parenthood vice-president.

Dayton was elected governor in 2010 by a margin of 0.42 percent. Within a few weeks of taking office in 2011, he addressed abortion activists gathered at the Capitol for “Pro-Choice Lobby Day”—the first-ever governor to do so. He pledged to prevent any and every pro-life bill from becoming law: “It will not happen here in Minnesota.”

Dayton pledges pro-life opposition
Dayton made good on that pledge in the 2011 legislative session with vetoes of four pro-life bills approved by the Minnesota House and Senate. They included the following:

Fetal pain: The Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act would prohibit abortions after the point in pregnancy at which an unborn child can feel pain; a wealth of medical evidence shows that the unborn child can feel pain at least by 20 weeks from conception. This legislation is based on the landmark Nebraska law that passed in 2010.

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